A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Have you ever wanted to date Leorio Paladiknight from Hunter x Hunter? Of course you have! We’ve all been there. Now you can live out your dreams in this Leorio-centric, Kurapika POV dating sim! 

Made by Tumblr users @adhdleorio and @darksonatas over the course of 6 days, against all odds.

Official twitter account: @TLACOfficial


TLAC-Linux.tar.bz2 150 MB
TLAC-Mac.zip 145 MB
TLAC-Windows.zip 146 MB


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I think I had too much fun with this one! 

I laughed so hard while playing this, you have noo idea! Just the right amount of effort and humor. 


i made an account solely just to leave a comment but i just wanted to say that this is a masterpiece and i laughed so hard throughout the entire thing, even after playing it multiple times to get all of the different endings


LOL I laughed so hard just looking at the screenshot


I found this on tumblr and had to check it out. So worth it. Thank you for creating this hilarious masterpiece. 

this is a funny game I loved it!! I'm curious about killuas and gons backstory tho. will  you make more of these in the future?

i'm so glad you liked it!! we actually have released a second game, called TonpaQuest, which sheds some more light on Killua and Gon's situations!

so good it gave me scurvy, thank you

truly the dark souls of visual novels. this is amazing, thank you!

could not stop laughing while playing this. great job @ u two

this slaps!!  i had a fun time playing it